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"A mean sax player, a witty writer, and a world-class grouch." - Arthur Smith

"You are able to capture that witty way with you."
- Sarah Miles

David Sherrington’s Age of Bewilderment is a wickedly funny account of the day-to-day life of a saxophone player who thinks, with some justification perhaps, that the world has gone mad.

His hilarious and sometimes surreal clashes with authority and bureaucracy and his many dislikes and aversions are interwoven with evocative memories of a childhood in the 1950s, the advent of rock 'n' roll and his life as a professional musician.

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©David Sherrington 2011 All rights reserved.
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An orchestral suite inspired by the work of the world-renowned mythologist, Joseph Campbell

From the earliest times, stories have been an important part of human development, both culturally and spiritually.  Even today, in our apparently sophisticated technological world, none of us is immune from the frisson of expectation conjured up by the words, “Once upon a time...”
A recurrent theme in myths central to Joseph Campbell’s work is the concept of the Hero’s Journey. This tale has been told in many cultures and forms for thousands of years.  Each of us is familiar with at least one version of it, whether it be Prometheus, Odysseus, the Arthurian legends and Grail romances, fairy tales, Native American stories, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, or even Dorothy’s fantastic journey in the Wizard of Oz, or Luke Skywalker’s adventures in Star Wars.
Campbell was intrigued by the similarity of all these hero tales from around the world.  He saw that far from being mere adventure stories, they carried a deeper meaning related to the development of the inner spiritual lives of women and men everywhere and at all times. For what the hero tales do is map the journey of the soul. The route the hero takes in the stories may well be over-ground, but fundamentally it is inward, to that province we all visit in our dreams –to that part of ourselves that is least acknowledged, but which cries out for recognition and fulfilment.
The Hero's Journey is an intricate and inspiring tapestry of musical themes depicting this journey toward self-realisation.

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